Whisky Okayama PV

Brand Story
- Ginjo Whisky Okayama -

Applying the heart and technique of Japanese sake making
With the determination to make Japan’s leading Ginjo whisky from a brewery
Miyashita brewery is determined to keep challenging with passion.
Utilizing Okayama’s climate, with the single thought of wanting to make something of quality....
From here, a craft whisky of Okayama is
Changing the history of Japanese whisky.

Story 1 Origin - A brewer’s endless challenge that is whisky -

Story 1 Origin - A brewer’s endless challenge that is whisky -

The development of Ginjo whisky Okayama started with the authentic rice shochu, “Kibi Oukoku” in 1983 and dates back to the beginning of production of a local beer, “Doppo” in 1995.

Wondering whether whisky could be made by merging the production technique of shochu and local beer, distillation of beer commenced in 2002 and in 2007 development and sale of “Beer Spirits Old Doppo” which is like spirits of beer started. Although a new genre called “Spirits of Beer” was pioneered in the realm of spirits, it had a difficult time gaining recognition and that is when a decision was made to make whisky.

In 2011, the long awaited whisky production license was acquired and development commenced. Ginjo whisky Okayama which has as its raw ingredients, malted barley from Okayama and underground water of clear stream Asahigawa, was finally completed after going through repeated trial and error. It is characterized by its youthful taste and delicateness when it is going down your throat. The refreshing aroma that spreads inside the mouth hopes to breathe new life into Okayama.

Story 2 Brew
- Being particular about using Okayama grown raw ingredients -

Ginjo whisky Okayama uses carefully selected Nijyo malted barley grown in Okayama, the sunny land, and by mixing several varieties of special malt, we have created an aroma which is pure with flavor yet refreshing and deep.

Miyashita brewery drew underground water of clear stream “Asahigawa” from a depth of 100 meters and has been using it as water to make beer and shochu, including refined sake. Ginjo whisky Okayama is also born from the same water and you can enjoy in depth the aroma of natural barley.

We were also particular about the fermentation temperature of the whisky and by fermenting at a low temperature of 20 - 22 ℃ for a long period of time, it is carefully made so as not to lose the flavor of the main fermented mash.

Story 2 Brew- Being particular about using Okayama grown raw ingredients -
Story 3 Mixing- Passing on the technique of Bicchu Touji -

Story 3 Mixing
- Passing on the technique of Bicchu Touji -

Miyashita sake brewery fuses its brewing and distillation technique acquired through years of Ginjo sake and craft beer making and continues to develop new technique.

Ginjo whisky Okayama has inherited the hand-made skill represented by the traditional Futakoji making of Ginjo sake. Similar to Ginjo sake that has only the flavor portions extracted from the initial distillation with a single distillation machine, each step of distillation is done carefully, therefore even a new pot which has just been distilled is easy to drink and its delicate taste can be enjoyed.

Ginjo whisky Okayama is made from technique, know-how and strong feeling towards whisky gained by Miyashita sake brewery through years of sake making.

Story 4 Aged
- In pursuit of pure taste -

They are aged in over 10 varieties of barrels such as domestic barrels represented by deciduous Japanese oak and cherry, brandy, bourbon and white oak, among others.

As the Sunny land Okayama suggests, it is ideal for whisky ageing using barrels with its warm climate and just the right level of humidity.

Having our single cask as our flagship product, we are in pursuit of refreshing pure taste containing nothing else.

Story 4 Aged- In pursuit of pure taste -

Story 5 Promise
- Supreme quality acknowledged worldwide -

Being particular about raw ingredients grown in Okayama and making use of the warm Okayama climate, we will continue to provide Ginjo whisky that is to be tasted with the five senses.

While valuing the spirit of hand-made sake making of traditional Bicchu Touji in creating Ginjo sake,
Aiming for new value to deal with the every-changing times,
We, hereby, promise to continue on with our "Never ending challenge".

Product Information

Product Information

Product Name Single Malt Whisky Okayama
NET 700ml
Alcohol content 43 % alc./vol.
Price 15,000 Yen

This is Ginjo whisky carefully made by sake brewing manufacturer “Miyashita Brewery” using low temperature fermentation, similar to sake, using local malted barley.

Company Profile

Company Name Miyashita Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Address 184 Nishigawara, Naka‐ku, Okayama city, Okayama, Japan 703‐8258
TEL +81.86‐272‐5594
FAX +81.86‐273‐9243
Year Established 1915
Incorporation October 20, 1922
Capital 30 million yen
Representative Buichiro Miyashita
Number of Employees 47

How it all started
- Continuation of a dream of two brothers -

The founder of Miyashita brewery, Kamezo Miyashita and Motosaburou brothers,
loved Okayama and devoted that passion to sake making all their lives.

Kamezo Miyashita and Motosaburou brothers were born in Akaiwa-gun (current Akaiwa-shi). The brothers who lost their father early in their childhood,
were sent to their relative who ran a brewing business. There, they experienced brewing and before they knew it, they had the same dream.

In 1909 with the building of port Uno,
they commenced brewing refined Sake in Tamano-shi, Okayama prefecture in 1915.
This was the start of Miyashita Brewery; “Dream of two brothers”.

That dream, after 100 years on, is still handed down and continues as a new challenge.